Passionate about design and architecture

According to MTC Asset Management’s co-founder, CEO and Chief Information Officer, Devan Linus Rajadurai: “Great design should not be limited to the external beauty of an object, it should also extend to its functionality.

Devan is also a lover of the travels that inspire him a lot, he was marked by: the Roman Colosseum, the Trump Tower in New York, the Petronas Twin Towers, the Sydney Opera House and the Marina Bay Gardens. According to Devan, they all have a timeless and unique design: “Well-designed objects and buildings can improve a person’s perception and mood. In other words, design influences everything we do in life.

Renovate an icon

It is difficult to tackle an icon without jeopardizing the elements that have made it iconic.

This is exactly what designer Marc Newson has done with the Hennessy X.O cognac bottle, it is “awesome” according to him, “at first sight, the rounded shape of the bottle gives it a warmer and more friendly look than traditional rectangular bottles. Thanks to the horizontal curves introduced by Marc Newson, this cognac looks slim despite its rounded bodywork, while retaining an inviting façade that has struck me with its femininity.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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