The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards have been held for twelve years now and have already attracted more than 100 entries this year. We’ll tell you more here.

The renowned competition that rewards the design of food and beverage spaces is back for a twelfth edition this 2020. The selection process will involve everything from boats to airports, museums, food trucks, to starred (Michelin) and ephemeral (pop-up) restaurants.

This year the judges evaluating the competition include industry leaders working in design, architecture, hospitality and lifestyle media. Among them, Amir Nahai, CEO, Global Food & Beverage & Lifestyle Brands for Accor; Andrew McConnell, owner and CEO at Cutler & Co; David Moralejo, editor-in-chief of Condé Nast Traveler; Didier Souillat, CEO Time Out Market; Sara Lieberman, journalist for New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, etc; Vanessa Craft, editor-in-chief ELLE Canada. And many more.

The judges will define the winners who best meet the judges’ personal definitions of “design excellence.

Prizes will be awarded by category to both the winning designer and the operator of the winning restaurant or bar.

On the one hand, the categories will be divided as follows:

Biophilic Design
Fast Casual
Heritage Building
In Another Space

Murals & Graffiti
Pop Up
Surface Interiors

In this regard, judges will take into account how establishments operate their space as an entity. In addition, they will analyze other specific characteristics.

On the other hand, the categories include Best Bar in the UK; Best Bar Overall; Best Restaurant in the UK and Best Restaurant Overall. In addition, each Bar and Restaurant category will also be awarded by geographical area:


Best Bar and Restaurant by Geographical Area

London Bar

London Restaurant

Bar of Europe

Restaurant Europa

Bar of the Americas

Restaurant of the Americas

Asian Bar

Restaurant Asia

Australia and Pacific Bar

Australian and Pacific Restaurant

Middle East and Africa Bar

Middle East and Africa Restaurant

Applications for the competition will be accepted until April 17, 2020: apply.

Finally, the awards will take place in October 2020 in London.

For more information:

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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