Pernod Ricard enjoys a higher growth rate in its ultra-premium range, much more than in its mainstream range.

The world’s number two in the wine and spirits industry, Pernod Ricard remains strong as it pursues its offensive in the ultra-premium market. They recently announced that they have set their sights on the super-premium Ojo de Tigre mezcal brand. This is a handcrafted mezcal produced in small quantities that respects local tradition.

Ojo de Tigre is also a sustainable alcohol. 100% of its agave juice comes from responsible agriculture and is extracted from the Tobala and Espadín varieties. Both give this spirit a vegetal taste profile, perfect for cocktails or for drinking dry.

We can get Ojo de Tigre in two versions: Joven and Reposado. More than a premium alcohol, Ojo de Tigre enters the “premium plus” category, which enjoys strong growth and seduces mixologists and consumers.

For Pernod Ricard, the acquisition of Ojo de Tigre is a strategy of evolution within this category, in which the Group has positioned itself since its majority stake in Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal.

Don’t Drink and Drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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