iniciativa soypatrimonio2020

In Spain, three organizations launched the initiative #SoyPatrimonio2020, to add bars and restaurants to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

True havens for all good tasters, restaurants and bars are part of the culture of Spaniards – and not just Spain! That is why HOSTELERÍA DE ESPAÑA, AECOC and FIAB have created the campaign #SoyPatrimonio2020. Through the Platform Together for the Hotel Industry, they are asking the hotel industry in Spain to apply for World Heritage status in 2020.

This initiative aims to protect and honor bars and restaurants throughout the country. The hotel and catering sector was strongly impacted by covid-19 weakening its economy.

Well-known celebrities support the initiative. Among them is Ferran Adrià, a well-known figure in the Spanish restaurant industry.

And to highlight the importance of bars in culture, the initiative explains: “Writers such as García Lorca, Ernest Hemingway or Valle-Inclán have written entire books on the chairs of our bars.”

They add as another reason of strength that the gastronomy of the Spanish locals “is the most diverse on the planet and a world reference”. Spain has 250 Michelin stars, eleven of which correspond to Tres Etrellas. And last but not least, Spain is the country with the most bars per person.

Spanish citizens can vote for this initiative at


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