To obtain quality sake, producers must ensure the maturity of the rice and also verify that the fermentation takes place under optimal conditions. In Japan, the telecom regulator intends to rely on the deployment of 5G to improve sake brewing. Before a large-scale development of the project, Eisen Shuzou Brewery located in Fukushima prefecture serves as an experimental site.

The idea is on the one hand, thanks to connected drones to be able to monitor the maturity of the rice so that the harvest is done at the most appropriate time. On the other hand, 8K cameras with very high definition will allow brewers to control the fermentation state of the drink. Thus, they will have at their disposal, a tool that offers them the opportunity to refine their brewing techniques.

The project was put in place with the participation of the Japanese operator KDDI, and two consulting firms, Aizu Activate Association and NRI. It should be recalled that the coverage of Japanese territory by 5G is expected to be effective in 2020.

At that moment, sake enthusiasts will be able to judge whether real progress has been made or not.



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