In the choice of spirits, taste and alcohol content are factors that can be decisive. Those who like hard liquor can only appreciate the Strane Ultra Uncut, a new gin that had recently been released, and that appeals for its particularly high alcohol content.

The Swedish manufacturer Smogen can boast of having put on the market a product that does not leave indifferent. Indeed, at first it is difficult to believe the information “82.5% alcohol” which is indicated on the bottle. But to taste we realize it quickly enough. Because of this high concentration, Strane Ultra Uncut is only available in bottles of 20cl with price around 37 euros.

As for the taste, this gin contains different ingredients among which, juniper of course, but also lime. There are additionally, almonds, licorice root and coriander. Due to its characteristics this gin is to be consumed with moderation.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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