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Having a good time with friends; cocktails after work… doing it too often without knowing it can be a sign of worldly alcoholism. We tell you what it is.

Mundane – or party – alcoholism concerns you if you are a regular drinker who thinks you don’t have a problem with alcohol. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis, during parties or outings should concern us when we do it on a daily basis as well.

It is important to know when we reach the point where we question our consumption. In fact, drinking more than three glasses of alcohol per day can be a sign of dependence. Also, being an excessive consumer without being aware of it.

According to Dr. Philippe Batel, the excessive consumer “is one whose alcohol intake creates health problems (irritability, insomnia, fatigue…), psychological, relationship or professional problems.”

But can mundane alcoholism lead to real alcohol dependence? According to Batel, we can all face a risk of going from mundane to excessive consumption. To prevent this, it is important to be aware of certain points:

-Do not start drinking too early, this will reduce your number of glasses consumed.

-Drink slowly.

-Do not drink without eating. Accompany your drinks with dinner or snacks.

-Staying hydrated is very important. Drink water between each glass of alcohol.

-And above all, never drink alcohol if you are taking medication.

If you think you are consuming alcohol more than usual and take advantage of pretexts to enjoy more than three glasses, you need to do some motivational work to become aware of your consumption. You can go to a doctor or a professional. If you know someone with these traits, approach them in a non-blaming manner and refer them to a health professional.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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