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And the question arises… how to serve a sipping rum properly? Apart from cocktails, we can appreciate this spirit neat.

According to experienced bartender Maelia Gellusseau and ambassador, these are some ways to drink rum and pair it, and of course, serve it.


How to serve a sipping rum? Follow these advice


Aged rum

Aged rum is complex and it is recommended to serve it slowly.

Rum can also be mixed in cocktails, but these should be cocktails that do not influence the aging years of the rum.


For example the Canchanchara cocktail.

Dark Rum


Gaze water

Fresh lime juice

5 lime wedges



It is important to know that to produce a 7-year-old rum, it takes at least 14 years, as is the case with some Cuban rums.

There are aged rums to taste in cocktails, but the best way to taste one of this age is dry, on ice, or with a twist.


Look at the color

More fullness in color equals a more intense flavor, so it’s best to serve it with just ice.


Taste the aroma

You should take the time to enjoy the aromas evaporated by rum, such as the intense and complex notes of cocoa, vanilla, cedar, soft tobacco, and tropical fruits.


Serve slowly

Finally on our tips on how to serve a sipping rum, a soft, balanced, and complex rum on the palate, like a Cuban rum, should be served slowly.

This will help to extract from the rum its most intense and rounded finish.



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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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