Rachel Barrie Master Whisy Blender

A brief look at the career, preferences and tastes of Dr.Rachel Barrie, master distiller of whisky in the Scottish industry.

Women in the whisky industry include Rachel Barrie. With a degree in chemistry, she has been in the field for 26 years. In fact, she has integrated distilleries such as Glenmorangie in the role of Master Blender, a career she has excercised since 2003. And today she does it in Ben Riach, GlenDronach and Glenglassaugh, of Brown-Forman. Rachel brings unparalleled expertise to the whisky industry and for her achievements the University of Edinburgh has been awarded the diploma with honours.

Indeed, last year Barrie received her doctorate with honours from the University of Edinburgh for her services to the whisky industry. Also, for her understanding of the alchemy of whisky.


A woman in the industry

In a recent interview with SHINE News, Barrie reveals her favourite whiskies, and how she perceives the whisky industry from a female point of view. “It’s a great time to be a woman working with whisky,” she says. “I think the same barriers and struggles exist equally for any individual in any industry.” She comments on the difference between men and women working in the industry. “The only barriers I’ve come up against are the ones I put on myself. Eventually I managed to overcome them“.

Visionary, she creates her whiskies with a very strong conviction of what she wants from the beginning. However, it faces challenges such as deciphering the future of a whisky portfolio. “I’m seeing how it will mature in the next 25, 30 or 40 years. I need to make predictions for the future when there are so many unknowns.”


What about favorite whisky?

Or those who enjoy it the most, it also reveals it. For Barrie, your choice will depend on your food or the weather. She likes to enjoy a good 18-year-old Glendronach when it’s cold. “On Christmas Day with a Pudding, it’s to die for!” On the other hand, in seasons like spring, she prefers a Ben Riach 10 years. She points out that, apart from whisky, she likes to enjoy a good wine, but of course, always in second place.


Photo: Rachel Barrie/Instagram


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