Create cocktails with two ingredients

You come home and you only have two ingredients. No problem. We learn you how to create delicious cocktails with two ingredients.

From the classic to some more sophisticated, here they are.


Gin and Tonic

Versatile, for this cocktail you only need to have tonic at hand.


Vodka Soda

Vodka with soda is perfect to taste taking into account the calories we consume! Simple soda is easily available.


Cuba Libre

Cola and Rum. That’s all! Don’t forget the ice.


Bourbon and Lemonade

Just two fingers of bourbon and a fresh lemonade.



To make things a little more sophisticated, you can create this cocktail with Campari. 45 ml of amaro with orange juice and ice, nothing more tasty!


Whisky with orange bitter

It doesn’t have much of a cocktail reputation but it mixes easily in the game. Pour Irish whisky into an iced glass and add a few drops of orange bitter. Mix well and taste.


For more recipes you can discover the list created by VinePair.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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