When cold comes, it is pleasant to sip your little whisky by the fire ! The Sage Désir du Scarfes Bar is precisely the ideal whisky-based cocktail to drink on your coolest days.


But then how did this cocktail come about ?

The inspiration came from a Scarfes’s regular, who always asked for an old-fashioned one. “We wanted him to discover new cocktails without getting too far from his favorite, and that’s what we proposed. »

We reveal the recipe to you :

– 50 ml of good whisky, ideally a single malt
– 15 ml Glenfiddich dry white port wine, 18 years old
– 5ml Niepoort White Rabbit syrup
– 1 lemon zest
– 1 bourbon cherry for decoration

Mix everything in a shaker, pour into an iced whisky glass, decorate and enjoy !

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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