Sex and Sake, or how to experience a different Valentine's Day?

Would you like to achieve absolute flavour on this special day? Here are our tips for an original Valentine’s Day for both of you to enjoy.

This is what “Sex and Sake” offers you. An association between the wine merchant Titulus, a wine merchant from Ixelles, specialising in natural wines, and the website Sexblotch.

The objective: to offer you an evening of tasting natural sake against a backdrop of suggestive sighs. By mixing the pleasure of the tongue and eyes, the palate and the gaze, passing for hearing.

For the past 6 years, we have been offering regular tasting evenings of traditional Japanese sake.” Explains Vivien Blot, sommelier sake at Titulus.

He added: “There are many preconceived ideas about this drink, but it is natural and tasty, all without additives, preservatives or added sulphur. By organizing this event with, we hope to showcase its richness and freshness while offering participants a unique experience.”

Sake and sexuality are intimately linked: “Sake expands the mind, sharpens musical inspiration, encourages dreamlike escape and love emotion”, according to a collection of texts from ancient Japan.

So meet in Brussels for the lovers’ party ?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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