Sake expands into Philippine culture thanks to PWM: Philippines Wine Merchant, the country’s pioneer importer of wine and spirits.

In an article by Business World Online, they explain that after the liberalization of imports into the country, Filipinos learned about wine culture. It is expected that today and in the near future, Filipinos will be able to distinguish different types of sake, such as a Daiginjo from a Junmai, Honjozo or Ginjo. In fact, the learning curve shows that compared to the age of wine, today this is entirely possible.

Raymond Joseph, one of the directors of PMW, sees an opportunity in sake education in Philippine culture. Bringing more sake brands to the country would be a contribution to this area. And it’s not for nothing. At PWM, he has the support of Japanese expert Hiroaki Shibahara, who helps include varieties of Japanese brew in the importer’s portfolio.

According to BW, PWM already distributes some of the most recognized commercial sakes: Gekkeikan, Hakkaisan and, more recently, Dassai. In addition to this, Raymond and Hiroaki continue to acquire more, with a conscious search for senior officials from other prefectures.


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