Set of 2 GRAVITY Pick glasses by designer Vanessa Mitrani

The GRAVITY Pick range from Vanessa Mitrani’s tableware collection combines blown glass and polished bronze for a subtle and refined result. These glasses are perfect for Martinis.

The first collection of this glassware was revealed at the exhibition of the magazine « Wallpaper » in Milan in 2015.


This set combines metal and glass and contrasts the strength and fragility of these two materials. These glasses are made in France and in an artisanal way. They are ideal to taste your cocktails or to enjoy champagne.

The designer Vanessa Mitrani

Vanessa Mitrani, is a glass specialist and presented her first collection in 1998. She works and matches glass with all types of materials, such as leather, porcelain, marble or fabric.

To obtain the set of 2 GRAVITY Pick glasses:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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