La producción de tequila dirigida a un récord en 2019

Tequila production set to reach a record in 2019

Photos by fred crandon / David García Sandoval on Unsplash

Towards historical production. Tequila reached the production of 1 million liters, but the result of turnover promises to be historic, reaching a record for the first time. Would you guess the number?

A forecast that promises the record: between 315 and 318 million liters are expected to close in 2019. The tequila reached during this first semester the production of 1 million liters daily. In addition, this figure would represent breaking the export record for the tenth consecutive year. The figure for this sector equals 470 liters per minute, according to the director of the Tequila Regulatory Council, Ramon Gonzalez Figueroa.

Figures for the first semester represent an increase of 13.5% compared to 2018, when 159.6 million liters were produced.


Tequila Exports

Tequila, consumed mainly by Americans, with 103.5 million liters sold to this country, (ISWR) also enjoys consistent success in other countries abroad. Exports even to new countries like Japan participate to the increase of its popularity. The growth reaches double digits, according to Ramon Gonzalez.

The national drink remains one of the sources that brings more foreign exchange to the country and also produces jobs.



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