This gin changes its color

A new way of drinking? Visually speaking, this gin might be the most appealing spirits to store at your bar. Flavorwise, too.

The Gin Morand is made of juniper berries, but also of distilled fruits such as yuzu, and raspberry, which together makes an incredible combination.

Pea butterfly is the secret in this blue hued gin. This natural colouring is obtained through maceration of flowers in alcohol. But the color changing of this gin is magic. After adding a hint of acid, the blue becomes pink.

And its color is not all. Morand Gin Fleur Bleue, is complex and original in the palate, while sublimating its ingredients in a perfect and above all gourmet balance.

Morand Gin Fleur Bleue is 40% ABV and comes in 35oml bottle.


Hurry up before it is over!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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