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Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection 1943

We had the opportunity to taste a sample of a Glenlivet 1943 Private Collection 70 years old, from Gordon & Macphail. Christine Lambert, whisky journalist, tasted the sample and shared with us the characteristics and her thoughts on it. To Lambert, it is a single malt that despite its age is very vibrant.

The Gordon & Macphail 70 years old is a reddish brown Mahogany- like colored whisky. The nose, whose aromas burst out in cascades, mellowed with age, mingling with the complexity of very old whiskeys. Suddenly, notes of soft oak, dried fruit, perky spices, clove, nutmeg and citrus fruit evaporates straight through tasting.

The interesting part of the tasting is the counterbalance between the acidity and the sweetness, which creates a razor sharp balance. To Christine Lambert it is just wonderful! As well the acidity that we note comes from the citrus fruit is part of the palate, along with a slightly smoked resinous oak taste. The fruits merge with leather and floral touches. In the end we find us tasting a “rancio” like taste on the palate.

Gordon & MacPhail was established in 1895, a long tradition of whisky, one of the most distinguished distilleries in Scotland, and the oldest.


Lambert is known for her works on Whisky Magazine, Slate, Marianne and the Guide Hachette des Rhums, by French editorial Hachette.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.