France. Atelier du Vin presents a practical and elegant corkscrew for your bottles

Made steel stainless, this practical and elegant corkscrew is of a big sharpness. Elegant, he offers an easy handling allowing opening wine bottles without any trouble. The system of worm facilitates the extraction of the cork. The model aims to be simple and practical without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect. The Atelier du Vin is specialized in the manufacturing of accessories of wine since 1926. Monsieur Chic is a member of its catalogue of products and appears as a tool as simple as essential.

The Atelier du Vin is situated at 60120 Breteuil sur Noyé in France. The company dedicates itself to the manufacturing of products being of use for consumption, service or preservation of the wine. Specialist in oenology, the company is recognized for its expertise and the qualities of its creations. It becomes famous for her innovative and functional products.

Monsieur Chic is available on the Atelier du Vin store through MOM.



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