Pernod Ricard launches connected Malibu rum bottles in the United States

Experienced since 2015 with bottles connected via QR codes and IoT, Pernod Ricard is now targeting the US market with Malibu rum’s latest technology.


Pernod Ricard has successfully established itself in the connected bottle market since 2015. After greater success in the UK and Germany last year, the French beverage group is now targeting the US market. More specifically, they will deploy 300,000 bottles in Ohio and Texas as part of The Malibu Games 2019.

Bringing together 32 influential people from 9 countries, the Malibu Games are designed to inspire and attract young, fun beginners from around the world as part of their ambition to become a global summer icon.

The design of these bottles with QR code, IoT (NFC Technology) will allow Americans to stay on top of Malibu Games and have access to exclusive game content. In addition, consumers will be able to participate in the opportunity to play Malibu Games and win prizes.


Malibu Brand goes beyond IoT with digital technology

Beyond the creation of a connected bottle. Malibu aims to become the most talked-about alcoholic drink of the summer. This is possible thanks to its mainly digital approach and thanks to the collaboration of influencers. This strategy has earned Malibu 5.4 million shares, 155 million videos viewed and 2.1 million visits to the website in just one year of launching Malibu Games. The hashtags #MalibuGames and #BecauseSummer are also promoted through Instagram.

Malibu’s global marketing director explains, « Instead of leading with the credentials of our liquid, we address our audience by taking them on a journey, looking for ways to insert Malibu into the experiences they yearn for and collect. The Malibu Games give us a way to have a drinking opportunity that is locally and globally relevant « .

For Malibu, the whole digital strategy involves creating a new form of conversation in an over-saturated medium such as social networks and the Internet, explains Caitriona Murphy, Malibu’s Global Brand Manager.


Via Malibu & Techwire



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