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Bénédictine, the veil finally lifted off the secret recipe

Bénédictine is the result of the search for the impossible : a quest for the ultimate that started with Don Bernardo Vincelli, a Benedictine friar in the Abbey of Fécamp in Normandie.

The very last friar of the Abbey of Fécamp passed on the secret of the formula to the LeGrand family in order to secure the heritage of the Benedictine friars. The Benedictine formula goes back to 1510 and has remained a secret ever since. Spirit Hunters lifts the veil by showing you the components of this recipe!

Only few liqueurs reach the sublime; this is the apex of such a category. It tastes as though you were drinking… spicy flowers. The pure essence of the most wondrous flowers ever to bloom in any place imagined or real.

Once upon a time, in 1510 the Benedictine monk Don Bernardo Vincelli is said to have created a recipe out of 27 plants and spices and invented the renowned French liquor Benedictine. We reveal to you the complex distillation and aging process (12 months before bottling!) and the secret ingredients!

Well.. maybe not all of them- the element of mystery is definitely one of the ingredients.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.