Calvados expérience museum teaches its visitors how to create cocktails

-Pont l’Êveque. In Normandy, visitors to the Calvados expérience museum can learn how to create cocktails based on the famous French spirits. Via

The activity takes place every two Saturdays in the museum dedicated to the Calvados in Pont-l’Êveque, region of Calvados in Normandy.

The cocktail creation workshop is run by the French bartender and Calvados brand ambassador, Antoine Garel. Garel is the creator Cocktail Box, a box that allows you to discover and learn mixology and the creation of cocktails at home.

In this way, under the direction of Antoine Garel, the apprentices will be able to assimilate knowledge of mixology and the art of making cocktails based on Calvados.

This unique experience in France reaches new heights during a sublime tasting, and the unique opportunity to enjoy the largest collection of Calvados ever offered.

Every other Saturday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm from May 4, 2019.

30 € per person ticket + Cocktail Gift Box


Calvados Experience Route de Trouville, 14130 Pont-l’Evêque

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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