Paris. The inauguration of the ‘Calva Club’ at Le Gatsby Bar: the first ephemeral bar dedicated to Calvados and ciders AOC/AOP

Spirits Hunters joined the inauguration of the Calva Club, in Le Gatsby, at 64 Avenue Bosquet, the seventh district of Paris. The ephemeral bar dedicated to Calvados and Cider AOC/AOP will be open to the public from Wednesday 27th June to Saturday 7th July.

Calva Club has two atmospheres. The first one dedicated to mixology, in which you can taste a selection of eight original cocktail creations, all based on Calvados. We had the opportunity to taste the original cocktails on the menu created by Sofyan Bourgouin (Barman)- such as Lune d’éte with VS calvados, Dernière Récolte with XO calvados – served by Sullivan Doh and producers of Calva Club, as well as sharing with Vincen Balfego (associate of Le Gatsby bar).

The second environment is a space dedicated to true lovers of calvados and for those who wish to rediscover it, since the bar has a menu of both exceptional calvados and old calvados -Drouin millésime 1989. A real opportunity to taste on the rocks.

Finally, the interior of the bar takes us back to the 1950s. Made to recreate the speakeasy style. Soon the bar will communicate its events within the premises: DJ’s, live music, clinics or masterclasses.

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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