Portrait: Jan Mark Pagatpatan, “We must never settle for less, every day brings new discoveries”
A must have apron for bartenders
Did you know this president was a licensed bartender?
Portrait: Jan Dirk Huijser Van Reenen, passionate about mixing creativity and flavors
Portrait: Gaz Hayes, “cocktails became a passion in Leeds”
Pecantrophy Cocktail by Juan Coronado
Portrait: Abril Ramirez, agave lover and obsessed with ingredients and flavors
Portrait: Andrey Dovgal, bourbon enthusiast and rum lover, Best Confinement Tuto finalist
Experimental Martini, a cocktail by Raimondo Palomba
Portrait of Alessia Bellafante: “my inspiring muse has gone from being Zaha Hadid to Ada Coleman”
My Best Rhum and Favorite, by bartender Mike Norat
Portrait: Jairra Poltrias, a young bartender full of hope and a Highball cocktail lover
Knowing Ivan Usov, winner of the Best Confinement Tuto, in 7 questions
Meet Maël Forbin, one of the 20 finalists of the Best Confinement Tuto
Recipe “Bad Girl” – cocktail by the siren of bartending Maria Baranets
Evoo Martini – a cocktail by Massimo Stronati
L’albero delle susine – a cocktail by Matteo Pazetti
Red hot chili peppers – cocktail by Mattia Ria
Cocktail High Tea Rum Punch by Olson Pereira
Wolf Gang Cocktail by bartender Mickael Kernoa
Heave’s Window, a cocktail by Lefteris Broupis
Questions & Answers with Hyacinthe Lescoët: sea, cocktails & the Caribbean
Q&A with bartender Martin Hudak: what’s on your mind?
Bartender of the Week: Remi Massai, a “French and Stormy” kind of guy
Portrait: meet bartender Alexandr Nikitchenko, finalist of the Best Confinement Tuto
Fan of Sherry and Fernet? Discover the cocktail “Sin Palabras” by Magel Monroy
What’s on your mind? Three questions to Sherine John
Farewell to Caledonia, a cocktail by Manu Iturregi
The TRIP FISH, a signature cocktail by bartender Marco Regini for gin lovers
Stray away from reality for one minute with bartender Adal Marquez!
A interview with bartender Pietro Monaco: tattoos and Flair Bartending
If my first love were a cocktail it would be a “Otso-Singko”, by Jan Mark Pagatpatan
My first love relates to this cocktail: “Love At First Sip” by Christian Jude Basog
“GUANCHE” a cocktail by Raimondo Palomba
The Lady J Cocktail by bartender and mixologist Régis Celabe
7 questions to Jaime Añón: finalist of the Best Confinement Tuto
Anton Astashin: “If my first love were a cocktail, it would be a Kate Flint”
The Alquimista Mule Cocktail by bartender and mixologist Israel Diaz
The Sand Island, a gin-based cocktail by Santiago Vásquez
Two cocktails for the weekend by bartender Yves Querou
Mariel cocktail by bartender Kentaro Satoh
Bartender of the Week: Hyacinthe Lescoët, The Cambridge Public House
Barstool Therapy: Focus on Giacomo Diamante, a bartender-psychologist
The winners of the sixth and Last week of Confinement Bartender Contest
The St. Kum cocktail by bartender Sir Catz
Some bartenders apply specific pouring methods for a reason
Winners of the fifth week of Confinement Bartender Contest
Confinement Bartender Contest – Tip your bartender!
My Best and Favorite Rum, by the bartender Aditya Surya Saputra 
Winners of the fourth week of “Confinement Bartender Contest”
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