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Red hot chili peppers – cocktail by Mattia Ria

Mattia Ria, the Italian bartender shared his experience and a cocktail which is very special for him.

Mattia Ria, bartender and bar owner from Italy, shared his experience and a cocktail which is very special for him.

Owner of the Blind Pig bar in Roma, Mattia is also a brand ambassador and mostly, an agave lover, an ingredient present in the Red Hot Chili Peppers cocktail.

Seven years ago I had no idea what turn my life could take.
“What do you think of a bartender job?” – A friend asked me.
“No man, I really don’t like the idea.”
Today it has been more than two years since I opened my own cocktail bar, the Blind Pig Roma.
In the end my friend became an architect.
At least one of the two of us took advantage of that course.

The drink I choose to present has an important name: Red hot chili peppers.
A drink to which I am much attached.
It was created during a relaxing time on holiday, I was having dinner with my partner.
Pasta with pesto of spicy peppers.
“Why don’t you make a drink with this flavor?”
No sooner said that done.
Here is another very useful tip.. thank you, my soulmate.


Red hot chili peppers cocktail





Spicy pepper pesto!





Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibility. 

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