Bartender in the feminine: cocktail culture and mixology open to women

Not all men! Long reserved for the male caste, cocktail culture and mixology are now open to women: they now represent about 60% of bar owners.

For the past five years, Streets Bars have opened up after another. And allowing new kinds of bartender women to express themselves.

The spirits industry is undergoing a major transformation thanks to the courage of women (both owners and behind the counter) who have decided to fight in this once very closed world reserved exclusively for men. “Combat“, “Candelaria“, “CopperBay“… so many bars that have made themselves the champion of this feminization.

Some prejudices have a hard life, but more and more customers are enjoying being in the company of a bartender. As Sophie Larrouture, voted best bartender in Switzerland in 2016, explains, men recognize that women have a great sensitivity and a much more subtle “nose” than theirs. In addition, they are more conscientious in customer advice, know how to guide them better, and have that refinement that gives them ease in creating cocktails. The most reluctant investors, who often associate women and drinking with sexist advertising, have understood the issue.

A revolution is underway and is spreading all over the world. After Ada Coleman in 1903, it is the turn of bartending personalities such as Carina Soto Velasquez of Candeleria (who today co-directs five Parisian establishments), Jennifer Le Néchet (owner and founder of MINO PARIS or Emilie Loiselle (Senior Bartender at Nacarat) to take over such legacy left by Coleman.


Ada Coleman


Jennifer Le Nechet



Carina Soto Velasquez


The enthusiasm is such that the profession is increasingly attracting women bartenders. In Cuba, they are breaking traditions to take advantage of growing tourism industry. They seize the employment opportunities that have arisen over the past five years with the opening of new private companies.

Besides, in a society still dominated by machismo. “You must be a strong woman. With a strong character. You can’t be weak or have a husband who says: You can’t do it” says Barbara Betancourt – while shaking a silver shaker – bartender at the “El Gato Tuerto” club since 2011.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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