Mamba Sour cocktail by bartender Luis Fernando Mendieta

Luis Fernando Mendieta bartender, (Antigua, Guatemala), is brand ambassador for Pisco Portón Guatemala and director of the La Taberna bar at the Hobbitenango ecological hotel, whose specialties are world-class cocktails. He is the founder of Cuarto de Onza, and is part of the Bartenders Association of Guatemala, dedicated to developing and sharing the national cocktail bar with dedication, effort and passion for what they do.

Luis Fernando Mendieta shared with Spirits Hunters his personalized cocktail recipe, a Mamba Sour Cocktail. A perfect cocktail for an aperitif, or after dinner if you’re looking for a drink to close the day. A cocktail with citrus and floral aromas provided by the pisco Portón and by the ingredients of the cocktail such as mandarin lemon and orange bitters.


Mamba Sour Cocktail

Mamba Sour cocktail by bartender Luis Fernando Mendieta


60 ml pisco Portón

30 ml lemon and clementine

15 ml Izabal mix syrop

2-3 dash orange bitter

10 ml egg white

Garnish: coral and orange slice

Verre: Old Fashioned


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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