bartender and cocktail - pomelo punch by jeremy auger

Pomelo Punch, a cocktail by Jéremy Auger for fans of both wine and tequila

The Pomelo Punch cocktail recipe is among the long list of cocktails gathered on the Wine Remix cocktail book by Jéremy Auger.

His purpose behind this cocktail and other wine based cocktail recipes from his book is to “Discover a new facet of wine by taking advantage of its natural flavors and that, when it comes to cocktails, drinking well doesn’t necessarily mean drinking hard.”

Mixing summery and fresh flavors as rosé wine it might be a good one for saying goodbye to sunny days!


Pomelo Punch Cocktail


60ml of rosé wine (cotes de provence)

30ml pink grapefruit juice

15ml tequila blanco 100% agave

15ml of agave syrup

1 lime wedge


Cut the lime wedge in 4 and place it at the bottom of a highball glass.

Crush it with a pestle to extract the juice.

Add the other ingredients and mix with a spoon of sea bass to dissolve the agave syrup.

Fill the glass with ice cubes, mix again and add a straw.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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