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The St. Kum cocktail by bartender Sir Catz

Today’s cocktail for the weekend is bartender Sir Catz’s ST.KUM cocktail! A blend of vodka and exotic flavors. Discover more here.

Hi, you call me Catz, I come from Porto (Portugal). I have been a bartender for over 15 years and I am passionate about the effects of what comes out of my shaker causes in people.

A classic lover who embraces the new trends in order to create flavors unique to the taste of everyone or each one depending on the situation. Chase the dream not the competition is my motto and I hope it inspires all who love what they do!


St. Kum cocktail



6 cl vodka

2 cl litchi liqueur

3 cl kumquat pulp

1.5 cl simple syrup

0.50 cl lime juice

3 cl fava water

Type of glass: rocks glass


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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