Experimental Martini, a cocktail by Raimondo Palomba

The following is an aperitif created by Raimondo Palomba, extracted from the Diary of a Bartender Menu at cocktail at Lounge Atelier Cocktail Bar, one of the top cocktail bars of 2020.



Type of cocktail: Aperitif Cocktail


Choose your classic Dry Martini of Grey Goose vodka or Gin nº 3,

homemade essential oils of lemon, basil or rosemary,

Paired with: a foie gras macaroon, fine sherry wine and squid ink on lyophilized olives.

Type of glass: Martini glass and container.

Preparation: Previously cool the mini Martini glass and put on ice the other container. Cool the mixing glass, drain the water, pour the vermouth, stir and drain the vermouth ice again, pour the gin or vodka and stir until achieving the desired cold point and dilution. Pour half mix into the mini Martini glass and the other half into the other container.



A New menu is now available at Atelier Cocktail Bar, check it out here.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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