The Parmatini, a cocktail by Paul Forsyth

Paul Forsyth is a bartender from the United Kingdom. He’s with Boston & Hawthorne. At Spirits Hunters, we had the pleasure of sharing Paul Forsyth’s signature cocktail recipe, the Parmatini. This cocktail evokes the delicious combination of parma ham with melon, a Boston & Hawthorne signature cocktail

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Parmatini Cocktail

The Parmatini, a cocktail by Paul Forsyth


1 oz Langtons
3/4 oz ml GIn Dolce Cilento Melloncello
4/12 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz Egg white
1/4 oz of Parma Gum Ham Parma

Glass: Martini glass

Method: Prepare a Boston shaker and pour the mix into a martini glass. Put the Parma ham back in the edge of the glass. It’s a play about the antipasto melon and ham. A salty candy!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.




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