Colorado musicians raise funds for out-of-work bartenders during COVID-19

A group of musicians from the state of Colorado, in the United States, decided to take the initiative to collaborate with the unemployed bartenders.

Joe, Grant and Kevin, are musicians and like many artists during the COVID-19 pandemic have had to cancel concerts. In their band, Kevin, the drummer, is also a bartender. The current crisis has left many bartenders unemployed after the mandatory closure of bars and restaurants.

Therefore, the band naturally decided to assume that the next “concerts” would be online via streaming services. But network difficulties have not allowed them to be able to carry out a 100% experience. Joe and Grant decided then that every person who assisted the virtual concerts should donate a tip. These tips will be donated to Kevin, to support his current situation in which bartending is not possible. And not only for Kevin, but also for other bartenders in the same situation.

They said the money goes to the Colorado Springs Bartenders Guild, which then gives it to the workers who need it most.

Joe and Grant are doing their virtual gigs on their own, through Facebook:




Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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