When Hennessy launches into street art

This year, the famous cognac house Hennessy has entrusted the Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, alias Vhils, with the design of the label for its Very Special Limited Edition bottle.

In the magnificent premises of the Hennessy house in Cognac, the exhibition “Making the invisible visible” dedicated to Vhils highlighted the notion of time and street art. As a sculptor-plastician, Vhils has, as he so well knows, “dug out the layers of time to bring up to the surface colours, drawings, letters from the past to make them visible”.

A cognac ages for years or even centuries, a way of thinking that reminds us of that of the American artist Shepard Fairey, an icon of street art, who made his mark on the Very Special Limited Edition in 2014: “When I analyse the history of Hennessy and the way in which eaux-de-vie are preserved and then assembled, I see a real connection with the way I proceed as an artist. I have invented, experimented and developed many artistic techniques, which I continue to refine over the years. The more techniques I have at my disposal, the more options I have to bring the ideas I have in mind to create the most perfect work to fruition.”

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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