Exsto Cognac, the world’s first cognac created by a sommelier and a master blender

Proud news for female entrepreneurs, the world’s first cognac created by a sommelier, an entrepreneur and a master blender is called Exsto.

Exsto was born from a project created by sommelier Julie Dupouy and entrepreneur Sabrina Duong. Together with them, the master blender Géraud Vallantin-Dulac, a seventh-generation master blender from a long line of cognac producers.

Commenting on Julie Dupouy’s participation, Duong explains: “I wanted a sommelier specifically because it was about creating something new. I didn’t want someone who was already in the cognac industry, who had a traditional vision“. Dupouy is Ireland’s best sommelier in 2009 and ASI World Sommelier Championship.

Together, Duong, Dupouy and Dulac create Exsto Cognac, a cognac that seeks versatility while seeking to create a modern style of cognac. To this are added floral and fruit profiles without a dominant influence of oak.

It is not to be confused, however, with a cognac designed for women because of its delicate features. Duong explains, “It’s not so much about making cognac that women like as it is about making cognac from a feminine point of view.”

Exsto cognac exists in two presentations “Elixir” and “Or Imperial”. Both were created outside the traditional rules for cognac production. Curiously, Dupouy and Dulac chose a blend of 8 brandies to create the cognac.

Elixir exudes intense notes of caramel au beurre (caramelized butter), red fruits, peaches and ripe apricots, exotic spices – vanilla, cinnamon and star anise, toasted pineapple and melon with a touch of bitter oak.  While Or Imperial is full of flowers, citrus and honey at its opening, with an almost Kyoho grape flavor lurking with chocolate, and just a pinch of salinity.

Duong explains about Exsto “It is a drink with a strong personality that has many beautiful aromas to offer. The younger generation is open to rediscovering old drinks and will want to enjoy a drink regardless of its social status, gender and the message it conveys“.

To know more www.exstocognac.com


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