The first beer of Paimpol, here is the brewery La Bonne Humeur

The success of handcraft beer is such that many beer lovers start their own production. But the path is still complex – Maxime Antar, who has just created the Paimpol brewery, confirms it.

Creating a brewery is long, difficult and technical“. And to put all the chances on his side, he knew how to surround himself.

Maxime learned on his own “I produced my first beers with friends, including a brewer friend who explained the method to me. Then I met various brewers who did not hesitate to welcome me, I went to exhibitions, I developed a more technical approach to discovering processes… All these exchanges allowed me not to go in all directions, to frame my progress to control it.”

He then completed a university degree as a brewery operator in La Rochelle to master the techniques, physical, microbiological and regulatory components.


Objective: to avoid risks.

Variety of cereals, choice of spices, yeasts, brewing and fermentation temperatures, duration of each operation… Each element contributes to giving more or less body to the beer, to developing different strengths and flavours. “There is no health risk, it’s just that beer will froth too much or not enough, be acidic, not be good. That’s why you have to be able to understand the installation, the cleaning systems, the critical moments when there is the greatest risk of infection, use the right products…”

Being from here certainly helped me to establish myself. The Paimpolais are proud of local products.

The first of these solidarities remains, however, that of Marion, his adventurous companion !


Following the Coronavirus Events the brewery has announced the reopening > Thursday & Friday from 16h to 18h30!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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