new design for beers of bature brewery with artist williams chechet

Nigeria Craft Brewery Bature Brewery releases new design with artist Williams Chechet

Nigeria’s first craft brewery, Bature Brewery unveils new designs for its core beer range thanks to a collaboration with artist Williams Chechet.

Bature Brewery innovates both for its presence in the Nigerian beer market with unique beverages, and for its unveiling of a new image. Through an artistic collaboration, they team up with pop artist Williams Chechet. Designer, illustrator and muralist Chechet is heavily involved in the East African art scene. For Bature Brewery beers, Chechet has created vibrant and expressive collage designs. In addition, his designs will also be present in the brewery.

The East African brewery is the first independent brewery in the region and find their inspiration in local flavors and culture. This leads them to create unique and even award-winning beers. Their range includes stout, ale, pale ale, haze and IPA beers.

Artist Williams Chechet’s influences also come from the culture just as the brewery. Indeed a common point that made this collaboration possible. In addition, he draws inspiration from history, Afrofuturism, and even music with Afrobeats and hip hop.

The launch of the range of beers featuring Williams Chechet’s designs coincides with the opening of Bature’s new microbrewery in Lagos. The Black Gold Stout and Harmattan Haze beers now have a unique style. A new image that aligns perfectly with the expressions and culture of the city and the beers created.


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