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There is a beer for your dog, did you know that?

For those who wish to share their fraternal or paternal relationship with their dog, they can do so by enjoying a Bow Wow Brew beer 100% safe for dogs!

Every year Harpoon Brewery, a brewery in the United States, organizes the Harpoon Dogtoberfest. The annual event benefits animal-related causes.

For the third edition of the festival held online, -due covid-19 events-, Harpoon highlights its new non-alcoholic beer for dogs. The Bow Wow Brew is an alcohol-free, peanut butter-based lager. This beer is a limited edition and is launched during the festival.

The event usually takes place in the Harpoon Seaport parking lot. Every year they transform it into a beer garden for the dogs with a fun walking/running contest and dog costumes.

Dogtoberfest starts this Sunday October 4th and will seek to motivate participants to do the walk and run with their dogs themselves. In addition, they will post photos for the “Festminster Dog Show” online. They will receive prizes for Wellness Natural Food for Pets assigned during the day. Proceeds benefit the Kenary Brain Tumor Research Fund at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; the MSPCA; and the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society. The latter is a no-kill animal shelter in Vermont.

Festival participants can select two “tickets”. One with which they receive by mail a bag of knickknacks and race equipment for $35. And another for $40 with which they can pick up and choose their material at the Harpoon Brewery in Boston or Windsor, Vermont. This last one proposes four Dogtoberfest beers and Bow Wow Brew. It will be available in stores from the end of September,


The Beer for dogs: the recipe

Bow Wow Brew contains a special recipe that will not cause any harm to the dogs. Its brewer Adam Gibney, mixed the base liquid of Harpoon’s Beer, known as the brew, with malted barley and added a good dose of peanut butter powder, a version of Harpoon’s house yeast that has been boiled to make it suitable for dogs, and then some of the lactobacillus bacteria, which gives a spicy flavor to some fermented foods. “Actually dogs like the acidic component of lactobacillus,” Gibney said.

Visually, Bow Wow Brew looks like a beer. It has a rich amber color and a froth top.

More importantly, the label on each Dogtoberfest bottle (for humans) also features a picture of a foster dog looking for its forever home.


Harpoon Dogtober Fest

From October 4th.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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