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Christmas 2021: gifts for beer enthusiasts

These gifts for beer enthusiasts will make anyone happy this Christmas 2021. WineEnthusiast provides this thoughtful list from brewmasters to beer writers.


Five gifts for beer enthusiasts this Christmas 2021


1. Digital gift card

There are several liquor stores that offer the famous gift cards or digital gift cards preloaded with an amount for the person to indulge by choosing what he/she prefers.


2. Food Pairing: Food and beer

Nothing like a good Food Pairing. From gifts for beer enthusiasts, accessories to combine beer with food are presented as indispensable items. A cheese and charcuterie griddle, accompanied by a professional knife for spreading and chopping will be very useful especially this Christmas. Do not hesitate to choose some good beers to accompany the gift.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels


3. Brewing coffee

James Sullivan, marketing director at Highland Park Brewery, relies on his Aeropress and believes others could benefit from it, too.

“I have the same routine every morning: walk my dog, shower and brew coffee with my Aeropress. I’ve had mine for about four years and honestly, it’s my favorite way to make coffee in the morning. It’s so compact and portable that you can take it almost anywhere: camping, vacation, work, anywhere!

There are so many different recipes to try with the Aeropress that you can change the way you brew it to experience different things with your coffee.”


4. Personalized bottle opener

For every beer drinker who shows up “at the bottle rack with waxed bottles,” says Brandon Montgomery, founder of Black Beer Travelers and Diversify Your Palate. One of the gifts for beer fanatics most likely to please!

This handmade bottle opener effortlessly devours dense wax [with] the stainless steel cutting blade and [the] bolt pops the cap off a bottle with ease,” says Montgomery. He notes that you can also customize these tools, which “allows you to create an opener that is rarer than the beer you open.”


5. 17% Drip beer glassware

Beer fans are likely familiar with 17% Drip, a brand that partners with breweries and other craft beer groups to create beautiful and durable designs. The My Black is Beautiful stout glass, for example, will make the perfect tasting glass for any stout, especially during this cold time of year when we’re looking for robust beers. Plus, at 17%, they contribute to Fair Fight Action, an organization that fights voter suppression.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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