Bjórdagur, the Icelandic tradition for celebrating beer!

Last Friday 1 March was held “Bjórdagur”, a day to celebrate beer in Iceland.

This tradition was born in 1989 when it finally broke with the country’s 1915 ban. Only beer with an alcohol level below 2.25% was allowed. But finally from March 1 the Icelandic Parliament removed the law, authorizing for the great happiness of the Icelanders, the free sale of beer.

Although it is already possible to taste in bars all kinds of beer that we like, the law however retains the fact that it is only possible to buy beer in supermarkets and specialty stores with an alcohol level lower than 2.25% or not exceeding this level.

At least Icelanders can celebrate every year with a thousand and one varieties of beer in their favourite bars on such a special day as “Bjórdagur”! If you want to join the celebration – it will be for next year – you can choose between one of these bars in Iceland. SKÁL!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.