The best bars in Reykjavik, in Iceland

This hotel located in the port of Reykjavik is known not only for its design interior but also for the high quality of its drinks. Cocktails, for example, are constantly being revisited and made from fresh, local ingredients and homemade syrups, all served by mixologists.

Micro bar
This bar offers the best selection of artisanal breweries in the city, including a dozen draught beers that change regularly, as well as German and Belgian wheat beers.

Jacobsen Loftid
Its interior is chic: brown leather armchairs, a bar decorated with a series of bulbs and old-fashioned mirrors. The clientele is rather easy and the service is warm. Beverages are top-of-the-range, so don’t hesitate to order one of the special cocktails scribbled on the wall such as Donald Trump.

It is one of the most famous bars in the city. We recommend that you arrive before 9pm to ensure you have a seat. Tonic gins and beers are very popular. Its interior is sober: it houses two rooms with parquet flooring, red painted wooden walls and some simple bar tables and stools.

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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