Forget Dry January. We need better non-alcoholic cocktails every month of the year

Drynuary is the principle of drinking without alcohol, especially after the holidays… we all need a break !

Jordan Silbert, founder of Q Mixers, notes that creating a non-alcoholic menu has economic benefits: “Restaurants tend to make money from these healthy cocktails” he says.

A menu of soft drinks does not mean bad cocktails, quite the contrary, you increase your chances of attracting new customers. And yes, future mothers, drivers or sick people are now not to forget.  The little something extra: offer light non-alcoholic drinks because customers are now looking for less sweetened drinks (sodas are much so).

Several bartenders suggested that the United Kingdom seems to be ahead of the United States in this regard. Soft drinks have been “a very popular thing for probably four years now,” says Ryan Chetiyawardana, owner of London’s famous Dandelyan.

This is how Seedlip, a non-alcoholic drink, was a great success! Unsweetened, calorie-free and sold in bottles whose superb labels seem to have found their place in the most chic bars. Seedlip has been a big seller, especially in the major food and beverage capitals. For example, the Los Angeles market has been huge for them because the culture around health is very strong.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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