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If you’re a beer lover, you should visit Münster

Have you ever been to Münster? Are you a beer lover and haven’t been there yet? We’ll explain why you should visit the city.

Northwest Germany has a lot to offer in terms of beer: Münster. The German city is completely worth the trip. A city that has a culture and tradition of beer well anchored in its roots.

To begin with, the city has more than 1000 pubs. Some of them are the Altes Gasthaus Leve, a pub established in 1607 and the Pinkus Müller, which claims to be the oldest organic brewery in the world.

The city of Münster is also one of the most modern cities when it comes to brewing. Although governed by laws that ensure the quality of production. Here, the brewing enjoys more progressive tastes and palates. Furthermore, being a university city and economically founded on shopping and food trade, Münster offers itself to visitors as an exceptional place. In fact, it attracts mainly American tourists.


Where to drink beer in Münster

-Drübbelken: for tasting regional and seasonal beers It also has a good variety of Pinkus Müller draught beer.

-Altes Gasthaus Leve: well known for its beer but also for its food, for being a restaurant founded centuries ago and anchored in the German heritage. Perfect for tasting German culinary specialties and beer.

-Pinkus Müller: there is indeed an exclusive Pinkus Müller bar, but it is more than a brewery. Here there are two restaurants and a beer garden.

Heaven Hell Bar (Himmel Hölle Bar): you will obviously find a selection of beers, but if you want to break the routine, it is excellent for tasting cocktails.

Eulen & Lerchen: recommended by locals, it has a good cocktail menu and serves breakfast.


Where to stay in the city

As far as accommodation is concerned, Münster has a place that is well prepared for beer fans: the Factory Hotel. This hotel was the site of the former Germania brewery, so, beer lover, you’d be sleeping in a brewery! In addition, there are three restaurants and a bar in the hotel.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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