beer up draught beer machine

This draught beer machine will fill your glass automatically

Have you been waiting for it? Or did you at least imagine it? This draught beer machine will automatically fill your glass without wasting a drop or foam.

We owe this invention to Beer Up, a start up led by Olivier Jammes, a French creator from the Pau and Lille region. Their concept began in 2015 among friends sharing ideas, then, thanks to the support of the platform Pulséo it was possible to materialize it.

The portable draught beer machine automatically fills your glass from the bottom base, thanks to a very efficient membrane system. The cups used with Beer Up are specially designed for the machine and are included in the purchase of the machine.

Easy to install, Beer Up brings all the necessary elements to serve your beer automatically. In addition, the latest feature of the machine is its cold autonomy. It can stay cold for up to 20 hours if you follow the correct steps for storing your beer.

A victim of its own success, the Beer Up project is teaming up with big names like Pernod Ricard to create a version dedicated to cocktails.

The success of Beer Up has been such that they might currently be out of stock. Check our their website for more information.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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