BeerMKR could be the perfect automatic beer brewer

Like an espresso, you get coffee, here it’s the same, you press a button and you’ll get a cold beer.
Welcome BeerMKR ! This machine was born from a project via Kickstarter, it will be sold worldwide at 400 dollars in spring 2019. However, you can get it at a lower cost if you want to support the participatory fundraising campaign!

BeerMKR compresses three compartments into a relatively compact machine that should fit on your counter. You place your own ingredients, or ingredients from the company’s pre-packaged offers, in the top compartment and add water. Click on Start and BeerMKR combines water with hop and malt while cooking it in an unfermented beer called wort.

As your beer is boiled, it slips into a recyclable conical pocket in the centre compartment. After cooking your beer, the application will inform you that you must add the yeast. Add it, then your beer ferments in the conical pouch and BeerMKR will control the temperature and monitor the pressure so that it knows when your beer is cooked. Let it rest overnight in your refrigerator, then pour the beer directly from a vending machine into your glass and enjoy.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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