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5 whisky distilleries to visit in the United States

A selection of five distilleries to take a trip in the United States and visit the origin of these American whisky brands.


Heaven Hill Distillery, Bardstown, Kentucky

A stop is a must in Kentucky, a place rich in whisky and bourbon history in the United States. Here you’ll find Heaven Hill Distillery, responsible for producing Elijah Craig, a unique barrel whiskey too special to miss.

Templeton Rye, Templeton, Iowa

Templeton Rye is a producer of rye whiskey. It is a whisky that contributed to the redefinition of this style, positioning rye as a favorite among whiskey lovers. With a visit to Templeton you will not only see the distillery you will taste, but you will also be taught about the city. To taste, one of the options is the Templeton Rye Barrel Strength, a seasonal whiskey.

Nelson Green Brier Distillery, Nashivlle, Tennessee

The family distillery, operated by the Nelson brothers, brings a renaissance to whiskey in this state. Nelson Green Brier produces the legendary Belle Meade bourbon, which has a second life thanks to the reopening of the distillery. Here, however, they produce other exclusive whiskeys such as Nelson’s First 108 Tennessee Whiskey, a special edition of only 108 copies. Only available at the distillery.

Whiskey Acres Distilling Company

A distillery operating under the “seed to glass” method. The whiskeys produced here come from the cultivation of grain and corn by farmers. There is a high level of craftsmanship here and this allows for superior whiskey making. To taste, you can try the Artisan Series, but you must first ask what is ready to drink!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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