Do you know the Hot Toddy with whiskey for the cold? Pros and cons

The Hot Toddy is said to be an excellent and classic remedy for the cold. All you need is honey, lemon, hot water and whisky.

According to Dr. Aaron Kobernick, the ingredients it contains are beneficial, but they bring with them a disadvantage which is alcohol. Why? Because alcohol dehydrates. It is said that one of the great advantages of Hot Toddy is the vitamin C obtained from the lemon juice however, with squeezing the lemon juice we do not get about 2 grams (or more) of vitamin C, enough to attack cold symptoms and shorten the duration.

Baldeep Singh, an intern at Stanford Health Care, suggests that although it doesn’t work to definitively cure a cold, the Hot Toddy helps us relax and relieve symptoms for a short time. Honey, for example, helps desirritate the throat and also contains anti-inflammatory agents. On the other hand, alcohol in high doses will only diminish our immune function.

We already know, let’s not invent much this winter with the Hot Toddy. One will not hurt us and will relax us and give us that little piece of comfort food that the body asks when we get sick.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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