hot cranberry cocktail

Because there’s still winter left, learn how to prepare the Hot Cranberry Cocktail

There is still a little winter left over (for those of us who live it!), and to fight bad weather and comfort you we teach you how to prepare the Hot Cranberry cocktail.

The Hot Cranberry Cocktail is a grog based on cranberry that is ideal for warming up during the winter season. It’s similar to the Hot Toddy cocktail idea. Winter cocktails allow us to enjoy a comforting drink for the season, while tasting a spirit drink that brings together the knowledge of mixology.


Hot Cranberry Cocktail Recipe

For one person



60 ml cranberry juice

10 ml cane syrup

40 ml vodka or rum (You can also choose Jack Daniels Honey whiskey)

One half slice of orange


Star anise

Cinnamon stick

Type of glass: mug


Mix cranberry juice, cane syrup and vodka (or rum, or whiskey). Then add the cinnamon stick and previously boiled hot water. Once the mixture is ready, you can add the orange slice and star anise to garnish. All you have left to do is taste the Hot Cranberry!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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