The 5 Best Cocktails to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Beyond a Margarita

The celebration of May 5th is approaching and to celebrate the day beyond with a simple Margarita, we bring you 5 cocktails to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in big.

Tequila Julep


45 ml of tequila

Chopped ice

Simple syrup

6 to 7 mint leaves and branches

Type of glass





Crush the mint with simple syrup in the bottom of a previously cooled julep glass. Add tequila and crushed ice. Add more crushed ice and decorate with mint sprigs.


The Luxe Margarita


30 ml of White Tequila

30 ml of Cointreau

15 ml fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon champagne bar (for floating)

3 strips of bitter Peychaud’s Bitters


Rose Petal

Type of glass

Old Fashioned champagne glass


Add Cointreau, tequila and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and filter in the previously cooled glass. Add champagne and bitter to the top. Decorate with a rose petal.


Avión Rosé Marg


1.5 part Avion Tequila

.5 part fresh lime

.5 part fresh lemon

.5 part agave nectar

1 bottle of rosé wine


Lemon slice

Type of glass



Combine ingredients, shake vigorously and filter over ice in a Collins glass. Add the rosé wine at the top and decorate with a slice of lemon.


Mex Mosa


60 ml of tequila

7.5 ml simple syrup

7.5 ml fresh grapefruit juice

Bottle of prosecco


Leaf of mint, strawberry or orange crescent

Type of glass

Champagne flute


Add tequila, simple syrup and grapefruit juice in a cocktail shaker. Shake and filter into a champagne flute. Add Prosecco on top and decorate with mint, strawberry or orange crescent.


Total Tropicalism


60 ml of Tequila

15 ml of ginger

7.5 ml of lime

7.5 ml honey


Slice of flambéed lemon and umbrella

Type of glass



Add the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake and filter in a glass rocks previously washed with absinthe*. Add Mezcal on top and decorate with lemon and umbrella.

*To wash a glass with absinthe: add ice and a squirt of absinthe in a glass. Stir it a little and empty the glass once the mixture of absinthe and ice is cold. You will use the unwashed glass to prepare your cocktail. This allows the essence of the absinthe to be present in the cocktail.


***Originally published in Town And Country Mag, For more recipes follow the link.


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