An agreement is signed between the El Bulli Foundation and Bacardi

The giant Bacardi and the El Bulli Foundation, created by Chief Ferran Adrià, signed an agreement on October 1 to set up the world’s largest database in the spirits sector.

The purpose of this collaboration is to produce, extend and disseminate knowledge on the field of mixology to the general public, enthusiasts and professionals. First, it will involve the publication of four encyclopedias as part of the Bullipédia project, as well as other digital projects.

“Bacardi and the El Bulli Foundation share common values: innovation and creativity. It is the constant need to challenge conventions to anticipate future changes,” said Javier Pijoan, Managing Director of Bacardi Iberia. The El Bulli Foundation will be able to count on the commitment of the best professionals in the world of cocktails, who also wish to improve their skills.

As a reminder, Ferran Adrià is a chef known worldwide as one of the popes of molecular cuisine, and is currently at the head of the famous Catalan gourmet restaurant “El Bulli”.


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