London Distillery Company launches its very first whisky

The London Distillery Company, based in Bermondsey, is launching its very first whisky: the 109 Cask Edition is the first single malt distilled in London in a century !
The brand had already done well with the launch of its Rye Whiskey LV-1767 last year, which it claimed to be the first whisky distilled in the capital in 100 years.

Most of Cask 109’s raw materials came from brewing ingredients. The malt is 100% Plummage Archer, a rare variety of organic barley, supplied by Stroud Brewery. This barley, considered a relative of the Maris Otter, was created in 1914 and represented 80% of all brewing and distillation activities in the 1960s. Currently, the latter is very popular among British brewers.

The must was then fermented with two types of yeast. The beer obtained was then distilled twice. Then placed in small 20-litre American oak barrels since September 9, 2015. After three years of ageing in casks, the minimum required to produce a single malt, the whisky was bottled at a cask content of around 63.5%.

According to the brand, 109 Cask Edition has aromas of mango and brioche, with notes of raspberry jam and candied orange. Giving an explosion of spicy and sweet flavours on the palate !

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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