Top Whisky: best Rye Scotch Whiskeys for 2018

The rye Scotch whiskeys below are the ones that have had the best reviews this year.

Nikka whiskey from the barrel














Sold at $ 70, this whiskey is the new symbol of liquor made in Japan. Made from caramel, fruit and spices, the Nikka whiskey from the barrel is a great cocktail of flavors.

Michter’s 10 Single Barrel Straight Rye















As soon as it is out, immediately adopted; Michter’s 10 Single Barrel Straight Rye is a 10-year-old spicy whiskey bottled in the USA. It costs $ 160.

Basil Hayden’s two by two rye











A little caramel, a small dose of sugar, tender rye and Basil Hayden’s know-how. That’s all there is in this Kentucky whiskey that sells for $ 43.

Knob creek cask strength rye














It is made in Kentucky. With its aroma of caramel, white pepper and cinnamon and its high dose of alcohol, it costs $ 60.

Rhetoric 24











The oldest whiskey from Diageo’s Orphan Barrel label, this Tennessee whiskey with woody and spicy flavors can be bought for $ 130.

Smooth Ambler Big Wheated Level Bourbon



















Produced in West Virginia and sold for $ 58, this liquor is a clever blend of soft wheat and hazelnut.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.